Throw Out Ideas

by Cathy Paper Bottern on November 23rd, 2009

Brainstorming requires all types of people at the table. Whether you are coming up with a new name, a new company, a new approach or a new product. I have always found it energizing to collaborate with others to create something new and innovative.

My daughter needed a new mouthguard. My husband took her to buy one and she picked out a new ShockDoctor in pink. He happened to tell her that her mom, that's me, had named the product. She wasn't sure what to make of that. It was in a big store and had a whole wall of products with that same name, ShockDoctor. Not that she doesn't think I'm super smart and all, but I think it was a lot to comprehend since I'm her mom.

So, here's the story. David Sigel, if you're out there reading my blog, give me a call and help me get the story straight. I worked at Fallon McElligott in the early 90's and they had a pizza lunch to brainstorm for a new start-up client. I liked free food and I was affordable labor (free) so I was invited. The product was a new mouthguard for athletes. The purpose: make the brand high end, different and generate ideas for a name. I played women's rugby in college and have been an athlete all my life. There were dictionary's on the table and the idea was to get words out and see what stuck. So, I know I thought about my rugby days and the irreverence and attitude we had on and off the field. There was a guy on the men's team that was called the Buzz Technician. This was before Red Bull was a product so if you wanted to stay up late at parties he would encourage you to drink caffeine or switch drinks etc. It was not very technical come to think of it, but he was pre-med so it seemed a really clever name at the time. Anyway, back to Shock Doctor. When you hit someone in rugby, your goal is to shock them and hurt them so they give up the ball. I really think I said those words, Shock Doctor. As I said, David, if you are out there, recall the pizza lunch on 30 in the AT&T tower and let me know if I've just made up the world's biggest fish story. I have gone on to name all my companies and products and I do love to generate ideas whenever asked, now for a little bit more than a slice of pizza! The whole point of this is sometimes you just need to get together with a group of friends, coworkers or family members and start throwing out ideas. You never know where it will lead.There really is no better feeling than seeing ideas get implemented. Recall your past, create your future. Keep taking inspired action.

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