How2 Set A Goal.

by Cathy Paper on February 26th, 2012

I just came back from watching two University of Minnesota Gopher sporting events. One planned and one a drop in. The Men's basketball team lost to Indiana in a game where the ball just wouldn't go in. So we stopped in to the tennis facility to see if we could play later in the afternoon and saw the Women's Tennis Team in the process of crushing Virginia Tech.

Sports are always inspiring and of course winning is the goal, but there's something in watching how the game is played by each athlete and the coaches that draws me in every time. Why is it that some players seem so engaged, focused and hungry for the win? While others seem to be unsure of what the end goal really is when the ball is in their hands. Is it really focus? Is it true that attitude is 80% of the battle towards winning? I'd like to know what you think.

I know that the people I work with often don't have a clear goal of what they want, but they want something, a better speech, more revenue or a bestselling book. We set goals and then we work and work together to reach them. It doesn't always happen in the timeframe we set up, but setting the goal with clarity and focus is the first step towards getting the results you want. Do you know where your basket is at all times?

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