Courage, heart and a brain

There are so many names for having confidence in yourself and connecting to who you really are-- self esteem, inner peace, mind/body/spirit alignment, etc.

Having just read the Wizard of Oz to my son I am struck by how a walk down the "yellow brick road" led to this group of characters getting reacquainted with the tools they had to make them powerful.

The lion really did have courage and was much stronger than he thought he was. The tin man had a huge heart he just had forgotten how valuable it was to him and how to put it into action on a daily basis. And the scarecrow's brain was pumping away and able to get him out of difficult situations.

How often each day do we forget our gifts? Do we inadvertantly overlook them because we're so busy doing something that wears us out? Or maybe we don't tap into our own courage on a daily basis because, like most people, we have a tad of fear. That fear that makes us question that "our way" of doing it may not be the best way to proceed. Now toto, that is just not nice! Take a page from the Wizard of Oz, which by the way is really much more gorry in print than in the movie, and follow the yellow brick road to find your power that has been there all along. And with that spring in your step and your shiny shoes on (again in the book they are silver not red) play your game and keep taking inspired action.

Cathy Paper