How to get a job

Since my very first job and job search I realized to have the lucky combination of knowing someone and having the desired attitude and experience increased my chances of getting hired.

I always set a goal to find a new job while in my current job. Except once. I'll never do that again, but then again, I own my own company.

The best method to get a job is to really think about what you want to do with your skills. What can you provide to an employer that will make their business grow. Make that list. Set a goal with a date and a desired outcome. Read as many books about job search skills and best practices as you can. Then find a few good mentors. And get to work on your 90 day job search plan.

Check your skill list each week: Good resume. Nice outfit. Strong skills. Maybe more school. An internship. Usually missing on your list of ways to get a job is volunteering. It's the best way to boost your confidence, improve your skills and meet other people who will help you network once they see your work ethic and know a bit more of you. While informational interviews are good, I prefer volunteering as a way to let others see your heart and your passion.

Best of luck with your job search this holiday season.

Cathy Paper