Angels versus demons

I know this is a book title, but it's a thought that keeps sticking in my mind. We all have demons. Some of us have more demons than others and wrestle with them as a way of prolonging or distracting us from the great things that we are capable of doing. Why?

Is a demon really more fun to listen to about all the things you did wrong or the failures you made or the people that you don't enjoy? I don't think so, yet I admit, I find myself drawn to that little demon voice when I'm tired, extra emotional or at a crossroads of change. (If you haven't seen Animal House in a long time, see if you can recall the scene where the demon voice popped up!)

So if you agree we all have a few demons, what about the angels? Where are they in this match-up between good and evil or positive vs. negative? I believe that we all have a kind angel voice wishing us well. A voice that sees all the things we're capable of doing. Some people hear that voice from a parent, a friend, a mentor, a child, a trusted advisor, or a healthy sense of self-esteem. I think it's a lot easier to listen to your angel voice when you're outside and moving.

At those times, it seems like anything is possible. Look around and you can see that the world was put together with a magnificent plan and sense of style. At those outdoor moments, that's when the angel voice wins and reminds you to play nice, be generous and be supportive of yourself and others. Who is winning in your battle?

Cathy Paper