Setbacks are normal

Every single successful person I meet has had more than one setback. In fact, when they start talking about their experiences it almost sounds like they've had more failures than successes. I know they haven't, especiallly the people I read books about who have monuments made for them. Yet, the methods successful people use to reflect upon their failures, with healthy detattachment and learning, and the added benefit of "being on the other side" of them is inspiring to me.

No one I know sets out to accomplish their goals with the desire to have things go wrong or make mistakes. But it's the way it goes. Things always go wrong which is why there has to be a plan B, a healthy process for shaking off the setbacks and a team of people to remind you of what makes your efforts worth going for and to make you laugh. And if those methods don't work, write down your thoughts when times are challenging.

I was recently in Washington D.C. and ducked over to Baltimore to see close friends. There is a copy of Lincoln's Gettysburg address draft at the old train station near Camden Yards. It was powerful to see Lincoln's thinking in the moment. He changed words and adjusted thoughts like the rest of us. While many say his words were not well recieved at the time, he had spent enough time with his thoughts, feelings and actions to have clarity. He had learned from his previous setbacks and continued to believe in his voice to do the right thing for the country. What can you do to find and strengthen your voice and share your inspiration with others today?

Cathy Paper