Don't throw out the first pancake

Why do people say that you should throw out the first pancake? It seems both wasteful and like you're missing the point of learning from mistakes. I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. I screw up, regularly! And when I do make a mistake and have what I now call, a GLE, great learning experience, I make big huge progress each and everyday.

None of us are perfect. That's the fun with being human.

Yet, we wait too long to take action towards defining and reaching goals hoping that the timing will be perfect. We hem, we haw, we rationalize, we wait.

To fully embrace your perfect imperfection and move forward here are a few ideas I give my clients, especially about business development:

* Keep moving. Time keeps moving and your results don't usually get that much better if you sit around and wait for "perfection". (That's not to say I don't spend more time proofing than I used to!)
* Build connections. Talk to other people that are building a business or looking for work. Ask them what they have learned and how to set yourself up for success.
* Wake up. Notice what you say to yourself when you make a mistake. What do you do with the mistake? Do you stop? Do you doubt? Or do you take it as just another step along the way.

Keep that first pancake. You don't have to serve it to The Queen of England, but your second and third will be better. Keep working on yourself and you'll play your best game.

Cathy Paper