Two sides of a coin

If I made a coin of what it takes to get into action or to stay in the same place it would have fear on one side and risk on the other. What are you waiting for? Flip the coin and see where you are at.

Just before you move, everyone pauses. Some longer than others. Fear is so common for all of us. It comes to life as anger, impatience, inadequacy, worry etc. A whole of host of thoughts, feelings and actions that serve as blocks for movement. I lump them all together as fear. Suppposedly we get angry 8 times a day and it slows us down from taking action. I don't have stats on how many times a day we experience fear, but I know that doing new things makes fear bigger for most people. They focus on the fear side of the coin.

The other side of the "action" coin is risk. Risk comes to life as excitement, energizing, scary but in a thrilling kind of way. Risk gets the heart pumping and develops passion and gets you going with a spirit and reckless sense of abandonment on the good days. People that start businesses or make career changes and go after what they want are drawn to this risk. It nags at them. It overpowers the fear. It doesn't get rid of fear but it is way more fun that sitting and being afraid of failing.

If you've ever broken a rule or risked a lot you know what I mean about risk. So if you feel stuck, pull out a coin and flip it and think about which side you are focusing more of your time on. And what do you need to do to get going and get into action. We all experience fear, so name it, claim it and find someone who can tell you it will go away when you go for it. Taking a risk makes the blood flow and changes the world one action at a time.

Cathy Paper