Embrace your fears

Fear is natural. It's part of what makes us just like animals. We choose our response when we are afraid-flight or fight. I've talked about that topic, but what about embracing your fears and moving past them.

What do you say to yourself when you are afraid? Do you get mad at yourself for being afraid? Do you wait for someone to rescue you and make it go away? Do you look under the bed and see if the boogey man is really there?

How do you act when you are afraid? Is it a time to take stock and see where your courage begins and ends? Do you freeze up and quiver in the corner? Do you call out to your resources that can help you get the job done?

Ok, enough questions. I am afraid, almost every day. My thoughts run wild late at night or just before speeches. It always surprises people. They see me going for it in business and life. They see traits like talking to anyone and everyone. They see the creation of new products and services. But, yes I have fear and so does every other person I've encountered.

Most successful people have been working since they were kids to keep diving into the pool before checking the water! Spend more than 20 minutes analyzing fears and give them false importance and watch the "Great Freeze" take place.

Be Impulsive. Trust Your Instincts. Be Clever and Adventurous. Embrace your fears and create your life, go after your dreams, build a business, take the day off, donate more than you think you can. What do you really have to lose? Have a little fun and scream along the way!

Cathy Paper