Leftovers and hand me downs

I like leftovers. I really like hand-me-downs too. Maybe it's because I'm the youngest child and it was a great way for me to get cool worn in jeans or a cast-off purse.

I know that I am drawn to leftovers as a way to extend the party, celebration or good times. It reminds me of how much fun I had at the actual event or dinner. And, even if it's some plain jane leftover taco stuff from my fridge, it always tastes a bit better after the juices have started to soak in. Don't even get me started on soggy salad.

But leftovers and hand-me-downs are also a good way to stay connected to something you enjoyed. When the party was over and there was so much food left this past week, it was nice to share it with people that had enjoyed the experience with our family. Maybe you did this with your Thanksgiving meal and sent home a care package with family members.

Leftovers are typically shared with people you love and trust. While you may not invite people over for a leftover meal, your friends that take your leftovers would probably come. These kind of relationships, the leftover lovers just keep getting stronger over time. While you may think that a leftover is a cast-off, I think it's like a party favor and a way to celebrate the good times you had with friends and family. Think of who you might share your leftovers or hand-me-downs with. Take a moment to identify why they are so special in your life. And then act on that impulse to tell them why they matter during this holiday season.

Cathy Paper