How to be a better speaker

Famous people get asked to speak whether they can speak well or not. Good speakers become successful because they can speak. Noodle on that!

So how do you get better as a speaker? Start by making a commitment and plan to get better. Do you want to work on your content or your delivery? Do you practice with a voice coach? Does your message really compel and captivate others rather than deliver cliches? Do you have enough humor in your speech?

These ideas are just a sampling of what I've seen my clients develop over the years. Many speakers became speakers because others told them, "You have to speak or you have to write a book." But, then when they got on stage they were no longer genuine. The audience knows that and responds negatively and then bookings go down. And then they become even more awkward.

Not every speech goes well, but if you want to be a better speaker find someone to work with you and your message to reach Rock Star level.

Cathy Paper