How to remain calm

Me calm? Who am I kidding? I have a bigger emotional spectrum than the average person but when I use it effectively it is a force!

When I'm in the zone and creating great work I can promote a bestselling author, pitch a large consulting project or quickly pull together a team to design an amazing website that helps people connect with the core heart and soul of an individual.

But when I'm off (i.e. too many diet cokes and not enough sleep) I'm like a tornado of self-destruction. And franklly, when other people are not calm they are not very pleasant to work with either.

So, through the years I've learned how to "Stay Calm and Rock On." Just this morning I walked into a gentleman's office and on his wall was another poster like the one in my office that said "Stay Calm and Carry On." What I enjoy most about being in the zone and being calm is that you feel powerful, focused and energized. Yet when you're the oppositive of calm, i.e. freaking out or stressing out, performance is unfocused, erratic and so, so much energy is wasted on the negative emotions created by fear and worry.

Two tricks to stay calm. 1. Make a list that aligns with your goals. What do you want to accomplish. 2. Review the list and set timelines to the things that you want to get done. Make sure you can deliver on those dates or the anxiety level will kick up. Ask for help from someone who has already done it. If those two tips fail, crank tunes!

Keep playing your game and taking inspired action.

Cathy Paper