How to create your dream job

Set Goals & Take Stock.
1. Write three ideas of things that you would do at your dream job. (No editing.)

2. Set a goal for how you want to move towards your dream job in the next 30 days. (One hour a week of informational interviewing or hiring a career coach or meeting with a banker for a loan.)

3. Think about past jobs you've held. Make notes about what you liked. This is what you want to get more of and you can reach out to people from these past jobs for connections or support. People want to help you reach your dreams.

Take Action Each Day.
4. Have a cup of coffee or a diet coke with someone who holds a job or runs a business you might like to have. How'd they do it? Ask them for two pieces of advice.

5. Create or purchase a structure to go towards your dream job. Do one thing each day, say your goal outload to another person, write in a journal. Trust the process you've purchased or created and follow it.

6. "A goal is a dream with a deadline." A quote from Harvey Mackay, New York Times Bestselling author of Swim With The Sharks. Read books.

Stay Positive.
7. Watch what you say to yourself. Do you cheer yourself on or do you trash talk yourself? Pick your messages very carefully and lean on the positive. Surround yourself with a supportive but determined fan club.

8. Post your goals where you can see them. Hold yourself accountable and reward yourself for the small steps towards your dream job.

9. Find a trusted advisor or two. It's not easy to create your dream job and we all get nervous when you stretch, but it's way more fun with other people.

10. Volunteer. Want to gain a new skill? Have a hole in your experience? Volunteering is the best way to get your experience, fill your emotional bank and meet new people. It's a win/win for everyone.

Go for your dream. You're a rock star. Play Your Game and Take Inspired Action.

Cathy Paper