How to get inspired

Inspiration is a much talked about subject going way, way back in time. Yet it's such a personal decision to figure out what really inspires you and compels you to actually take action.

As you know, there are many, many books written on this subject and one of the reasons we love reading stories of others success is we find inspiration along they way towards our own impending success.

Yet I propose that inspiration is not something you get like a gallon of milk at the store. Inspiration is more like a river that you walk up to, assess and choose to wade into and see what comes as you float, move rapidly or swim against in your journey. Without drifting too far away from books and authors, here's an example. Some of the authors I meet with are so far into their work they can't see the impact of the inspiration they are giving to other people so they get frustrated. This stifles their inspiration and soon they've lost the ability to enjoy their work and really value the gifts they have to share with others. So I advise to reconnect with that genuine inspiration that creates really powerful work that they tap into their messages another way besides their own perspective. Instead, listen to how others repsond to your ideas. Ask questions about what they like and why? Invite inspiration to come back to you rather than trying so hard to control the flow of the "inspiration river". It is easier to be inspired than you think and much more enjoyable if you invite others to play with you.

Keep calm and rock on.

Cathy Paper