How to find an inspiring work space

Everyone who is writing a book, drafting a speech or developing a training product needs a creative studio. A place where you can outline, think, write and edit your work. Not a space where there are distractions and critics, but a place where you feel safe and where you can easily connect to your flow.

Chefs and artists have kitchens and studios. Writers often have a special desk or station that sets up a writing routine. Where do you write? Or, where don't you feel inspired?

I've seen people who work off a little section of someone else's desk. Lame-o! They never really settle into their own inspirational mode. It's another person's rhythm. I've seen other people say they do great work at the coffee shop, but yet they never go there with any consistency. (Espresso grinders are loud and unpredictable)

Set yourself up for success with an inspiring space. You'll know it when you've landed in it. Claim it! Put your favorites pens, pencils, markers and images up around you. Spend at least an hour there every day and you'll be on your way to your best work. It's the rare person that can really stay inspired under someone else's roof. Make your own! Play Your Game. Take Inspired Action.

Cathy Paper