That's All Folks.

Those looney tunes guys were on to something. You knew how the cartoons were going to start, what was going to happen and how they were going to end. These formulas are what I love about tv and movies. Books, goals and dreams have the same formula if you spend a moment to map it out.

Think about what you really want to accomplish with your effort. We all have the same amount of time each day. You have ideas and thoughts floating around or on scraps of paper. Here's a simple 5-step formula for honing the script:
• Think about what you want. Big picture. No restrictions. No obligations. Just a dream. Put words to it. Words are the seeds of an idea. Big things can happen if you plant the seed and water it daily.
• Establish What You Have. So much. Past experience, people that want you to succeed. A community of people. Your brainpower, etc. All things to help you get to the next level. But first you must appreciate what you have, it's just the way this growth stuff works.
• Set a Goal. Take your idea and put specifics to it. How much, by when, etc. Make your goal tangible to see what you've done when your work is complete.
• Take Action. Move forward and take action towards what you want to achieve. Big steps, little steps. Just action. It all pays off and it all adds up. Just move forward. Ask others along the way for help, ideas, connections.
• Reflect & Celebrate. Your work is done or you need a break. Reflect. Find a journal or a sheet of paper and capture those thoughts. You've been working on making your dream come true. Sure there are set-backs. In those cartoons we thought they were funny. Why is it any different with your dream? Celebrate what you've done. Give yourself a prize. Repeat.

Most people think goals and accomplishment has to be really hard work. It can be, but it can also be really fun and exhilarating along the way. It's how you approach it and how you keep moving through it that makes you want to keep doing it again and again. Keep moving and you'll find your formula for accomplishing what you dream about doing. Better yet, you'll keep doing the things that really energize you and you'll be able to do it again and again and again.

Cathy Paper