How to spot a weenie coach/consultant

Really, I mean this. I can spot a consultant that isn't going to make you any better or help you create the results you want, but you may not know it. There's a fine line between encouraging someone to make changes, saying all the right things and wacking someone over the head to wake them up.

If you've ever seen a hockey game or watched kids argue you know that when people are under stress, tensions can flare. Most people that hire a coach want to do something better or different and a little stress comes with that territory.

If you are work with a coach or consultant that isn't making you think, causing new emotions or making you mad, you're not getting your money's worth.

While I worked at Best Buy I was once told, "Paper, you're not doing your job unless you're making someone mad." At first I thought, who me, I'm a nice person I don't coach to make people mad and then I realized he was so right. I always tell the truth about what needs to get done and I work to do it from a place that people are able to hear and believe in the actions they need to take to get better. If I'm not pushing them to get better, what are they paying me to do. Often, people are so used to everyone telling them what they want to hear that they get a little angry. Good. Assume your consultant cares, but let them know how their messages land and you'll make faster progress.

Play Your Game and Keep Taking Inspired Action.

Cathy Paper