It's spring training. Do you practice?

Spring training it's a season all to itself for some. I'm lucky enough to go to Arizona every year and this year I've taken my 12-year old son with me. I've never been to Spring training before and in fact baseball is not one of my top four viewng sports. But I'm here.

My son is in heaven. We have see almost a half dozen games; four, maybe five fields and countless practices. He's received autographs on balls, card, hats and possibly his shirt. I've watched all this from close-by, had a few peanuts, Diet Pepsi's and kettle korn to pass the time when they are not playing the slow moving, yet strategic game.

Heres what I notice and why this feels "blog-worthy":
1. Every player, minor or major, keeps improving on their skills of a game they clearly love.
2. Past experts are able to share their wisdom in the form of coaching and managing
3. Not every player is gracious, kind and considerate to their young fans. I understand it may be a timing thing but they would be served to err on the side of extra generous for a kid that watches a two-hour practice. And I mean the only kid and then sign his baseball card before going to the locker room.
4. The good players are still having fun playing the game and are coachable.

So whether you are writing a book or building a career, consider some of these "practice" tips to make your spring training productive and engaging for your fans. I've never seen an author not sign a book for a fan. And I've also seen the best professionals show class in every situation. Rock on!

Cathy Paper