One new tip per day makes a difference

Coaching is about improving on new tips to reach your goal over an extended period of time. I love sports and one of the things I like most about summer is helping people learn how to waterski. I'm no expert skier, but I know the basics.

If you start with one or two tips at a time, most people can learn how to waterski in one afternoon. And that doesn't even mean wearing nose plugs or yanking out an arm. Start with the basic concepts, knees bent, arms straight, sit like you're in a chair, let the boat pull you up. That's enough for anyone to think about, especially an 85 pound kid.

So the boat takes off after you say "Hit it! Or Make it happen captain!" and then what happens, you can't remember all the things and the boat starts to pull you up and you yank your arms back and then you're almost up and then you lock your legs and fall backwards or forwards. I swim out and tell you to shake it off and the boat circles around and you give it another go. Arms straight, knees bent, let the boat pull you. And now I add in the mindset, relax, breathe, you got this. And so it goes usually about four tries is all I'll let someone go and then if they haven't gone at least 100 yards on skis then I say let's dry off and give someone else a turn and try again.

It works. It always works. Mastering one tip at a time and following the proven formula always works. It's that easy, yet we always want to add in so many other things. Maybe it's the skis, I can't swim well, I'm too light, I'm too heavy, the driver is bad etc. Sticking with the basic tips will allow for success to come through.

The same is true with launching a book. It's hard work. At RockPaperStar, we've been showing authors how to launch books and market themselves with several strategic tips for more than ten years. If you follow the basic 14 tips each day over a 3 month period it will be easier to launch and sell more than 1000 books. Why 1000? Because 80% of the published books sell less than that amount. If I can get you waterskiing, I can get you selling 1000 books if you consider these tips. So, sign up for the free 14 day bestselling book launch tips and you'll be whizzing through book launch waving back at your readers in no time.

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Cathy Paper