Stuck in a rut

Your mind has habits and patterns just like this dirt bike track. Each of the ruts are the various things that you say outloud or to yourself. The ruts are created by your values and your chosen responses to situations that happen to you. For example, a car cuts in front of you, you may say "What a bad driver" or "I'll gladly let that person in."
Ruts are created by well worn patterns and habits from years of cognitive programming and are clumped into various topics depending on how your brain is organized.

Under stress, which ruts does your brain go towards? Positive or Negative. Most people if they were honest, would say negative, so the key to changing these destructive negative ruts is to jump out of the rut when you're close to capacity or on the edge of stressing out, i.e. before you get stuck in thick mud. That is the time to engage your mind to choose a friendly, more productive rut, rather than the same old negative rut.

Jump out of the rut and embrace the sense of adventure that comes before "stress meltdowns", make a list of categories or brain topics to avoid when you are exhausted, tired or worn out. Choose to focus on the ruts that are productive to your speed, momentum and general exhilerated attitude towards life. Leave the well worn ruts that hold you back for critical analysis of something other than you or your performance and you'll go far.

Cathy Paper