Crisis of confidence?

We all have them. Really, we all do. A google search for an image on this topic revealed past Presidents, famous soccer stars and even top ranked tennis players who admitted that they experienced a crisis of confidence at some point in their careers.

We tend to keep those moments to ourselves or share them with a small circle of people. Is this because in these moments of crisis we tend to be ashamed or embarrassed by our feelings of inadequacy? Or troubled by our results or lack thereof? Maybe we don't talk to anyone else because we think we're the only person that has ever wondered if they are good enough to stretch towards a goal that may be bigger than what we believe we are capable of at any given moment.

I don't have all the answers, and I can't always make you feel more confident during your own crisis of confidence but the fact is that some of the worlds most successful individuals experience similiar feelings.

I do believe that within each of us we hold the answers to move through the crisis; I believe we develop faith in ourselves and improve the results in our day to day lives.

Take a moment during your "crisis" and see if you can identify what caused it. Maybe:
You were tired?
You were stretching towards something new?
You were impatient with your results?
You need to talk to yourself differently about your goal?
Or, the was the pressure just too much at that moment?

Any one of these thoughts or situations can trigger a crisis. Learn your patterns of behavior and observe your thoughts. and during the next crisis you can gather the strength needed to keep improving your abilities at whatever you desire.

As always, play your game and take inspired action.

Cathy Paper