The bulbs bloomed!

Do you plant bulbs? Inside or outside? I waited too long for outside and then put them in a big white Ikea planter. They bloomed. That's so like me to decide that I'm not going to follow instructions and just do what I want to do when I want to do it. I call that "off-roading" from the stated plan.

In the Dream Job Lab we use the blooming bulb metaphor for the story of your dream job. Maybe you already see what you are creating in your dream job.

If you did plant your bulbs, are you tending to them? Ok, it is Minnesota and watering this time of year is not possible. But if you are like me maybe you have a few plants or bulbs indoors to water.

The point is, are you taking care of your story and nurturing your dream job? A few thoughts:

* Do something everyday. Take 1 action towards your dream job. Call someone, write some ideas down, meet with another person, pick out new music to give you inspiration to create. Daily activity adds up to a lot of progress.

* Be good to your dreams. Don't trash talk your dreams. You wouldn't leave your bulbs sitting outside when it snows would you? So why take your dreams and talk poorly about them. The more you care for your dream, the more momentum it will build.

* Look for the buds. As I said, I waited too long to plant mine, but many of the bulbs shot up despite a tad of neglect. What are you noticing about your dream? Is there a bit more clarity to your idea? What progress do you see?

The Dream Job Lab team hopes your dream are coming together.

Cathy Paper