How to get going on your speaking

I was not one of those parents that held my children's hands while they learned to walk. I didn't set up obstacle courses for them to move from point to point. But, I did cheer them on and watch them figure out how to lift themselves up and move towards their goal of the other side of the room, the toy or the dog!

What's your goal with your speaking? Do you really know what you want and why you are doing it? And if so, are you willing and ready to do the work that it takes to get there? Not everyone is. And the sooner they figure that out, the better. Audiences can be as challenging as a hard floor or a coffee table edge. A few missed steps and BOOM, you're on your A$$ and you feel like crying. Audiences want a prepared, thoughtful, experienced speaker who knows what they have to offer.

Most of my clients have spent a lot of time professionally honing their craft in business and then they decide they want to share that message, learning and insights. Sometimes their story is a little weak or their delivery needs help. Or they just don't know how to say thank you to the hosts of the events. We help with all of these steps and we've gotten pretty good at making people's true talent come through. Get going. It's never easy to take that first step or to figure out which steps you've missed, but once you do you'll be off and running in no time.

Rock On!

Cathy Paper