Just start writing

I've heard it said many times, "Just start writing."

Yet it's not as easy as that to just start writing a book, a blog post or an article. Often we put a block on writing until we have to have a perfect content schedule, all the topics mapped out, a perfectly edited 400 word article, etc.

Instead of a block, please consider starting to write. Take the subject you are most interested in sharing with the world, leadership, networking, sales, Christian Fiction and write a 400 word article on this subject.

And once your words are written, post it on a blog, your Linkedin page or somewhere that your interested clients will look. I recommend you start a blog if you are considering writing a book.

In fact, recently I was introduced to https://firstsiteguide.com/ This is a great resource for people who are just starting to blog or others who want to improve their blog. Everyone's blog can improve. This resource gives you date, tips and ways to make your website and blog perform better.

Just start writing and keep writing and the rest of your exposure and influence will continue to grow.

Cathy Paper