How to increase your visibilty

Does visibility really matter to your business results? If you hesitate on this answer then you must not enjoy staying current on popular culture or watching Royal Weddings.

Being visible means you are top of mind with employees, clients, vendor partners and others in your business community. It's not just fluff, it's about influence and results.

Many people skim the local publications or trade publications and only know a few of the different players are in their industry. Or they read association newsletters once in a while and don't value keeping up on what's happening. If you want to increase your visibility, take three steps right now.
1. Make your online footprint a little bigger. Post on a blog, add feedback onto a Linked In discussion, become a guest blogger. You don't have to do everything, just pick 2-3 and become more active on a weekly basis.
2. Identify two organizations you can become more deeply involved in. Get on the board or a committee. Become active and build relationships where people know your expertise. Speak at a conference or participate in a panel. Congratulate others on their successes.
3. Write an article on a subject you are passionate about. Take a stand. Share your knowledge. This can quickly lead to you being seen by other people.

If you're not certain where to start, RockPaperStar provides coaching to create and implement a visibility strategy, with or without a book. Or if you prefer, have lunch with someone who you see as visible and ask questions about how they increased their exposure.

Cathy Paper